DEWALT DW1649 8-Piece 7/16-Inch Shank Self-feed Bit KitASIN: B00006ANSC
Dimensions: 10.63 x 3.5 x 11.88 inches ; 52 ounces
Shipping Weight: 5.95 pounds
Customer Review: 4.5 36 customer reviews
Sales Rank: # 28406

Product Features

  • Aggressive, replaceable self-feed spur for efficient rough-cutting of holes
  • Unique cutting geometry and open tooth design for more sharpenings and longer life
  • One-cutter design on even the smallest bits for improved efficiency
  • Flat sided, 7/16-inch ball groove joint for quick changes and minimal slippage
  • Includes 5-1/2-inch extension, 1-, 1-1/8-, 1-1/4-, 1-1/2-, 1-3/4, 2-1/8-, and 2-9/16-inch self-feed bits, replacement parts, and kit box

Product Description

The self-feed bits in DeWalt’s DW1649 eight-piece kit make use of aggressive, replaceable spurs and a unique two-cutter design to cut rough holes in wood quickly and efficiently. The geometry of these bits is engineered to provide extended bit life, and an open-tooth design allows extra sharpenings to save you money. Also offering a 7/16-inch ball groove shank that has flat sides to prevent the bit from slipping in your drill’s chuck and allows you to switch from one application to the next quickly, this kit includes a 5-1/2-inch extension piece, 1-, 1-1/8-, 1-1/4-, 1-1/2-, 1-3/4, 2-1/8-, and 2-9/16-inch self-feed bits, and a convenient set of replacement parts in a durable kit box that makes it easy for you to keep your tool kit organized on the go.

Customer Reviews

Jim McCorison
Falsely Described – Beware! But Good Anyway.
The product description states “Two-cutter design on even the smallest bits for improved efficiency”. The photos show two cutter bits as well. This is not true. What you receive is a set of single cutter bits. I don’t know if it is Amazon that bungled it, or DeWalt pulled a fast one and downgraded the product without changing the model information. It doesn’t really matter who botched it. What matters is the consumer doesn’t get what they thought they were getting.What about the product I did receive? It is very good. Granted they are new and not yet had their first encounter with a nail, but boy do they chew through wood. I used the 2-9/16″ bit first for some 2″ waste plumbing. It dug through the wood very agressively. The work was remodel on older construction, so the 2x’s were well dried. I then followed this with drilling a couple 1-1/4″ holes at a 45 degree angle. The center feed spur is long enough that, at least for this size, it would start at that angle and pull the bit down in. Obviously this wouldn’t work on the largest bits as the spur isn’t long enough.So overall, I rate the product a 5. I added a -3 for false advertising. Thus a final rating of 2. It’s a shame really, I probably would have ordered these bits anyway even if the product description and photos had been accurate.

Amature Electrician NHG
These work great. Perfect hole every time. They even impressed my buddy who will only buy milwaukee. The Dewalt set is 10 dollars cheaper and you get 8 bits instead of 7. I would highly recommend this product.

S. A. Shorey
As a professional contractor I have been using hole saws for many years. I picked up this set as a back-up, however, it has become the most-used drill set that I reach for. With extra screw heads and the extention it is a truely nice product. Rugged and sharp, I expect many years of good service from these bits.

Not what they say
Dewalt has changed the product but still uses the same 1649 number Be careful there is only one cutting head now. Everybody advertises that there are two cutting heads. If you look on the picture that is shown they look shinny the ones you get now are black. The other bits were great.

W. Lowe
I can’t believe I didn’t get these sooner. It makes drilling big holes so much easier than alternative methods.Maybe it’s common knowledge, but I’ve found that if you drill a 1/8″ pilot hole first it works faster and I have almost zero problems with the screw getting “gummed up” in pressure treated wood.

Michael G. Richard
Great Product !
Iam a licensed plumber and recently purchased this product,the self feeders worked flaulessly,even came with extra feeder tips and tools(allen wrenches)

Diane M. Daugherty
Love these things
Love these things. I am sure a serious wood worker knows the differences between different hole saws and their applications. I am not a serious wood worker. But I do like to do minor remodeling jobs around the house. After only ever using smaller drill bits or large diameter circular hole saws, these shank self feed drill bit for large diameter holes is GREAT!. No more burning wood smell from the hole saw. No more plug of wood stuck in a hot hole saw. No more getting the hole saw bound in the hole. No more struggling to keep the hole saw and drill square with your hole. These things just draw them selves through the wood. Love it. May not be a finish quality hole. But hey, for the ease… I wonder if I could use a small drill bit to drill a pilot hole through a door, use a traditional hole saw to create a 1/4 deep groove on either side, and then use this to finish the hole.. alright, that is probably over kill. But, basically, these things are great.

Bits are good and sharp and work perfectly with our DeWalt screw …
Exactly What We Were Looking For!This set of self feed bits is exactly what we were looking for to re-do our staircase. Bits are good and sharp and work perfectly with our DeWalt screw gun. Item arrived on time and in a nice study plastic carrying case to keep them all together in one place. The array of sizes is nice for the price and the sharpener is nice addition to the set. Great buy! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to,,,,, or