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InSinkErator Evolution Essential 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal

Evolution Series garbage disposals are the world's most advanced food waste disposers. From the powerful induction motors with cutting edge grind technologies to the top-of-the-line sound reducing technologies, the Evolution Essential food waste disposer delivers exceptional performance — designed to be the ideal choice for a wide range of kitchens.

We Come to You Parts and Labor Warranty

The Evolution Essential is backed by an exclusive We Come to You 6-year In-Home Limited Warranty. This warranty includes free house calls (including parts and labor) for the entire warranty period. InSinkErator fulfills its in-home warranty through a network of 1500 professional service agents who are trained and certified to install, repair or replace InSinkErator brand disposers. Call our toll-free service line at 1-800-558-5700 and we'll provide you with the name and phone number of a factory authorized service agent nearest you. It's that simple.

About InSinkErator

For over 75 years InSinkErator has been known for building the world's best food waste disposers. Today, the Evolution Series disposers represent the highest standard in performance. Simply put, they are the best grinding, quietest line of disposers. InSinkErator food waste disposers are the only disposers that are proudly made in the U.S.A. of the finest quality materials. InSinkErator has grown into the largest food waste disposer manufacturer and best-selling garbage disposer brand in the world.

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Hear Almost Nothing

The Evolution Essential features sound reducing technology that ensures less noise than a standard disposer. This state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to hold a conversation with normal voices in the same room as the disposer. This technology includes superior insulation around the motor, an anti-vibration sink mount, and an anti-vibration tailpipe to prevent sound transmission from vibrations. The sink baffle also helps prevent sound from escaping the throat of the disposer.

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Stop Worrying About What Foods You Put Down Your Disposer

The Evolution Essential disposer features MultiGrind technology, which allows you to grind almost any food waste reducing the chance of clogs and jams. This disposer features a two-stage grind technology that includes a GrindShear Ring and Tri-Action Lug system that makes tough to grind foods a thing of the past as food waste is virtually liquefied to safely flow into your sewage system.

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Easy Installation

InSinkErator brand disposers are the easiest to install. That's because all InSinkErator garbage disposal models feature our popular stainless steel Quick Lock sink mount. Just "twist off" the old disposer and "twist on" the new one. What's more, with Quick Lock, you can replace any InSinkErator branded garbage disposal including Badger garbage disposals.

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Disposer Do's and Don'ts

The Evolution Compact disposer featuring MultiGrind technology, allows you to grind tough to grind foods such as: celery, apple cores, potato peels, small bones, and fruit pits. Avoid grinding large amounts of these foods at once, and remember to use cold water while operating your disposer.

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Recycle Your Food Waste

Food waste disposers don't just offer practical convenience; they provide an environmentally sound answer to the growing problem of food waste. Food waste disposers can provide an environmentally responsible alternative to transporting food waste to landfills. And they can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At capable wastewater treatment plants, food waste can be recycled to produce renewable energy.

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What's in the Box

The Evolution Essential comes with a Quick Lock sink mount, sink baffle, Jam-Buster wrench, anti-vibration tailpipe mount, clamp, and stainless steel stopper and installation instructions.

Customer Reviews

Works great, takes lots of space

204 of 208 people found the following review helpful
By East Bay Vinny
I recently purchased one of these and am pleased with the power, capacity, versatility, and especially the quiet operation. However, the installation was more than i had anticipated.

Money Well Spent

33 of 33 people found the following review helpful
By M. Bear
Every house I have lived in had a cheap disposal that wouldn’t grind for squat. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables so I have a lot of organic matter to put down the disposal, it’s an appliance I use on almost a daily basis. I have a Badger 1 and it’s crap. It does not grind lemon or lime peels, even after several minutes of the disposal running. It is so loud and noisy it scares the cats into the bedroom to hide under the bed, it sounds like a 747 taking off in the kitchen. And it vibrates so much I fear the countertop is going to come off the cabinets, many times it has caused the the soap dish to bounce into the sink and almost get chewed up in the disposal. Luckily I’ve learned when to catch it in time.

Straightforward installation, good directions, runs smooth as butta

35 of 37 people found the following review helpful
By Jonny
After reading some reviews and getting a deal on one, I installed this over a couple of hours last week with no major issues. I was a little concerned at first because it was so much bigger than the one it was replacing. Everything was detailed out very well in the directions that came with it. A+ for the directions. The only customization I had to do was trim down an existing piece of PVC pipe and refit it under my sink. Trust me, this part only took about 5 minutes to do. These are very easy and straightforward to install.

Sooo quiet.

32 of 35 people found the following review helpful
By Chowder
Replaced a Badger 1 with the Essential Evolution and am amazed at how quiet it is. There is absolutely no vibration while it was working. The chamber is so much larger than the old one. I like that you can remove the baffle to clean it and actually be able to clean inside the stainless steel chamber too. It is quite a bit wider than the old one but most of the difference in size is at the top so it doesn’t take up extra usable space. At least not under my sink. My husband installed it and said it was easy to put in. The electric cord is not supplied so he used the one from the old (3-year) disposer. You may have to get a cord if you’re not hard wiring the disposer. After one week of intense use, I think it’s great.

A great disposal and very quiet

13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
By Michael C. White
I purchased our new home about 5 years ago, and it came with a ISE cheap entry level disposal. It would no longer spin. Researching, I found this one, purchased it, and installed it myself. Another reason, whether it makes a difference or not, that I selected the same manufacturer, is my thoughts that the same positioning of the holes to adapt he pipes should be he same. Thus making my installation easier. I could not be more pleased. This unit is seriously quieter than the unit that was in my new home. It is a lot larger, but this presented no clearance or installation issues. Installation was very simple. It did require cutting to length the included plastic pipe, which took about a minute with a hacksaw blade. I did transfer the electrical plug from the old unit to the new unit without a hitch. I also had to get a small tube of plumbers putty to seal the drain at the bottom of the sink. All units require it. So it was no surprise at all. I think I spent under $5. I had to go to the store to get the appropriate wire connectors (2) but any excuse to go to the hardware store is good for me!!

so far it runs great

17 of 18 people found the following review helpful
By A Kaysville Reader
I replaced our old Badger 5 with the ISE Evolution Essential this evening. It took about an hour because I took my sweet time about it. I could do it again now in fifteen minutes or less. We decided to keep the old sink flange because we’ll be replacing the sink soon so we really just swapped out the disposal. If you already have an ISE, I would recommend sticking with the brand just because it was so easy to replace on the same mounting setup. I thought replacing the power cord might be a little difficult but it was very easy to do. My husband had to help lift it into place but other than that I did it on my own, and if I can do it I think just about anyone else can too. I was a little concerned about how big it would be from some other reviews but it really isn’t much bigger than the old one. I’m uploading some pics of the new and old one under the sink. My husband flipped it on while we were testing it and didn’t believe it was on. I was still under the sink so I know it was but he’s still convinced it’s not working 🙂 One think I’m not so thrilled about is that the sink guard thing doesn’t let water drain very fast, even when the disposal is running but it’s no big deal.

excellent product

14 of 16 people found the following review helpful
By Paul
I don’t know from garbage disposals–bought this one based on reviews when our other disposal went out after ten years. I was able to install it into the existing sink-ring in less than an hour (the real time drain was getting myself positioned under the sink to work effectively–it had nothing to do with the disposal itself).

Not fantastic

36 of 45 people found the following review helpful
By Ms. Maxine "Mario 64 Fan"
I am not as enthralled with this disposer as everyone else seems to be. Yes, it’s quiet if you have the black-thingy in the drain, but big deal. The main thing I want in a garbage disposal is for it to grind the food efficiently. I replaced a 10-year-old Insinkerator Pro 333 3/4 horsepower which was absolutely wonderful. Although not especially loud, you could tell by the sound when the food was ground up – and it was ground up in seconds. The Evolution Essential takes about three times as long, and I am always removing the black-thingy to peek inside to see if it is finished. It seldom is. Plus, the black-thingy keeps water from draining quickly, so if you pour a big pot of boiling spaghetti-water into a collander, you get a sink-full of boiling water and a steam burn. I miss my Pro 333.

Great Unit…

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
By KenJr
I didn’t buy mine from Amazon but we like this unit. If you are replacing an existing InSinkErator unit it’s pretty easy. I replaced mine in about a half hour. Instructions are simple even if you are replacing another brand. It’s bigger than my previous unit but other than using a hacksaw to take a couple inches off the PVC pipe that feeds into the J-pipe there were no fitment issues.


5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
By T. Poole
This is so much quieter than my builder grade InSInkerator.
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